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Herbal Formulas & Supplements

Natural Ayurveda’s herbal formulas and supplements are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I only use loose organic herbal powders which provide the most potent results.  For improved results combine with healthy diet and lifestyle habits along with regular detoxification.  


My organic herbal formulas do not contain yeast, corn, soy, milk, gluten, animal products, preservatives, binders or artificial colouring. 

These formulas are assessembled according to The Human Medicines Regulations 2012.  Each formula is assembled on-premise and is supplied on the basis of a one-to-one consultation with the person receiving it.


If you are a new client and require a detailed discussion about your health the best course of action is to book a consultation to determine the appropriate steps to improve your health.


Keep out of reach of children.  Not intended for use by pregnant women, unless prescribed by an ayurvedic practitioner.  Store in a cool, dry place.

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